is “Friends for You”

Telecommunications network is essential to our lifestyle. However, you may be concerned with the price, procedures, support, etc. SEIKOU SIM provides support through the telecommunications environment so that people especially from other parts of Asia can live in Japan with peace of mind.
SEIKOU SIM is “on your side” by realizing affordability, pleasant communication quality, and multilingual support。

FOUR commitments of SEIKOU SIM

  • 1. 軽快

    By using The Japanese major carrier line, we will provide stable communication speed and provide low-stress communication and phone call even in busy hours。

  • 2. 適価

    While maintaining a definite level of communication quality, we offer an affordable price plan。

  • 3. 簡単

    The entire process from the application to get payment can be completed on the Internet. By using multilingual sites, we reduce the language barrier and provide an easy-to-understand interface for everyone。

  • 4. 安心

    To respond to anything that you don’t understand and any problems, we provide multilingual support. The contract entry screen is also multilingual, so that you can apply with relief。

How to Use

1 . Before applying

Apply for MNP reservation (Only those who want to continue using the phone number)
If you use MNP (Mobile Number Portability), you can use the same phone number with “Seikou sim”. If you want to do so, apply for an MNP reservation to the mobile phone company you currently have a contract with. An “MNP reservation number” will be issued.
  • ※Please keep in mind that the expiration date of the MNP reservation number is 15 days。
  • ※The cancellation of the current mobile phone company is unnecessary. After completing the application for “Seikou Sim” and proceeding the procedure for the MNP, the current contracted mobile phone company will be canceled automatically.
  • ※It is not cancelled only by applying MNP reservation.

Preparation of personal identification documents

The following documents are used as personal identification documents, so please prepare one of them.

  • ● In the case of Japanese
    • ①Driver’s license
    • ②Individual number card (my number card)
    • ③Basic resident register card
    • ④Physically disabled person’s handbook
    • ⑤Insurance card (National Health Insurance or Health Insurance)
    • ⑥Japan passport
  • ● In the case of foreigners
    • ①Special permanent resident certificate
    • ②Residence card or alien registration certificate
      & supporting documents
      (utility fee receipt or resident certificate)

Payment information

    • Please pay with your credit card issued in Japan.

2 . Select the service content


Select the payment plan。


Select the service content (SIM type)。

With call function

Select the option

10 minutes unlimited call

10 minutes unlimited call

Select “with/without SMS function”


Select a call option。

Unlimited calls 10 minutes (850 yen/month)

※There is only above option that you can choose now.
※Only for the people who selected voice-call available。


The application of MNP (Those who want to apply)

To use the current phone number, apply for the MNP (mobile number portability).


Procedure of personal identification

Upload the documents of your identity verification.

3 .Payment procedure

Enter your payment information.

4 . SIM card delivery

We will deliver the SIM card to the address that you registered.
It usually arrives in a few days.

5 . Change MNP (Those who applied)

Once you receive your SIM card,
proceed with the MNP switching procedure.

6 . Device setup

1 – Remove SIM card

Check the SIM card specified by your device and remove the SIM card from the pasteboard received according to the size of the SIM of the device.

2 – Set the SIM card to the device

Turn off your mobile device and insert the SIM card you removed in Step 1 into the device. The method of installation and changing the APN setting, follow the instruction manual of the device.

3 -Select and follow the APN setting according to the device you use.

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